With an inbox flooded with client requests, meeting invites, sales pitches, and more, it’s a refreshing break during my workday to sit back and see what my Daily Insight email from L2 says about the current best practices in the online business world.

Recently purchased by Gartner, L2 is a global leader in benchmarking the digital performance of consumer brands.

Due to my subscription to L2’s complimentary emails, I gain a great deal of applicable business insight that I can look forward to everyday. While becoming a paid subscriber will give you access to L2’s proprietary research and events calendar, I have found that their daily emails contain plenty of relevant insight to make a dent in my day.

Last week, L2 shared the results of a study they completed to better understand companies that are outperforming “The Four” (Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook) in key online tasks.  Interestingly, they ranked Starbucks as the national online leader in digital payments, with 23 million users utilizing the Starbucks app for payment, which projects the coffee mogul ahead of both Apple Pay and Google Pay. (I happen to be one of those loyal Starbucks users and I use the app often and enjoy its convenience.)

The takeaway lesson from this study revolves around the customer experience. The fact that Starbucks focused on a substantial space such as online payments and came out ahead of the tech giants should set an example for all regarding the significance and power of the customer experience.

If you focus on your customer experience and make life easier for your customers, you can do just as well, if not lead the pack in customer adoption of your features and benefits.

Check out L2 at www.l2inc.com and indulge in their wisdom and benefit from their knowledge. You never know, my favorite email of the workday might become yours, too.

Best wishes for your customer growth agenda,