Growing your business is essential for the success of your company. The growth of your business is a strong indicator of where your company is currently headed and where it can go in the future. Focusing on topics such as globalization and likeability can give your business an added boost.

Be global

I’ve recently been working with an international client and I just returned from a trip to Europe. The time I spent out of the country reinforced the importance of keeping a broad and objective perspective on where you can market and sell your product or service. It’s crucial to think outside of the box and not set limitations for your sales team or your business.

Beneficial and fruitful partnerships can often be established with entities outside of the United States. A new perspective on business and consumer trends in a different country can be very meaningful for your business. Using the expertise and networks of your newly formed relationship can help to quickly grow your company.

Take the opportunity to discuss global expansion during your next strategic planning meeting.  Knowing what you want to do is just as crucial as knowing what you don’t want to do. Consider why global expansion would be beneficial for your company or why it would not be the best move for your company this quarter.


Be likeable

Is your business likeable? It’s essential to carve out the time to find the answer to this question and actively work to improve your corporate likeability factor. If you can’t find the time, hiring a reputation management firm would be beneficial to the growth of your business. Have you checked your Glassdoor recently? I bet your potential customers and employees have.

Whether your goal is to attract more customers or hire more employees, being a good corporate citizen is more important than ever for strategic growth. The impact of corporate culture on business success is bigger than you might think, so not taking the time to review your likeability is a missed growth opportunity.

Being aware of essential topics such as globalization and corporate culture is just as important as knowing what direction you want your business to take. Keep these two concepts in mind as you plan the agenda for your next meeting as I believe they would be worthwhile to not only discuss, but implement.


Best of luck on your growth journey!