In times of crisis, consumers are (even more so) asking for their favorite brands to stand for something that positively impacts the world around them. Whether it’s a giving back campaign or the utilization of their voice to resound a message surrounding an important issue, followers are expecting the companies that they rally behind to now rally behind them.

During the current worldwide pandemic, it’s time for companies to get creative when it comes to standing behind their consumers, supporters, advocates, and the communities that surround them.

Here is an example of a job well done by Peloton, to address a current issue with their already existing products and services.

Whether it’s a normal day or an abnormal one, like we are currently experiencing, the buildup of stress is a common issue all over the world. Some lean toward meditation, others surround themselves with positive people, and many people find comfort in reading, exercising, or spending time outdoors.

I, personally, get the majority of my stress relief from my daily workouts. The mental and physical joy that I feel from a great workout fuels my life in immeasurable ways, both personally and professionally.

On Monday, minutes after my gym sent out the dreaded email that it was closing for the safety of the community, I received an email from Peloton. It’s not that I was opposed to protecting our community, it’s that I was losing an avenue that I utilized for stress relief, at a time when stress was at an all-time high.

By now, we all know the Peloton brand, mostly due to its controversial holiday ad. This email that I received had one purpose, and I stress purpose, for its followers.

The email contained an offer for a FREE 90-day subscription to their exercise app, which includes workout classes such as cycling, running, strength training, stretching, yoga, and meditation. The classes are meant to be done from the comfort of your home, with most requiring no special equipment.

Kudos to Peloton for this innovative approach to customer acquisition, wrapped in an offer that supports individuals in a meaningful way, during a time where calm and relief are needed most.

The fitness company saw issues such as the closing of gyms, quarantine-like circumstances, high stress and anxiety, and a change in the normal routine of every fitness-goer around the world.

They saw potential alignment of the issues that people are facing and their brand’s true purpose. By providing this offer, they stayed true to their mission of “bringing immersive and challenging workouts into people’s lives in a more accessible, affordable, and efficient way.”

People can’t leave their homes: they’ve made fitness accessible.

People are losing their jobs and don’t have extra money: they’ve made working out affordable.

People are figuring out a new normal, while trying to be well: they’ve brought efficiency to staying healthy and feeling better.

Here’s a free workout class that you can do in your living room, anytime you feel like it.

Here’s a supportive group of coaches who can bring motivation and positive feelings of calmness into people’s lives, right at the moment when we need it most.

Here is a brand that is standing up for something.

What is your brand doing to help your customers, and their community, through this incredibly stressful time in world history?